Wellness Wednesday


“Your inner strength is your outer foundation”    ~Allan Rufus

Everyone wants a healthy body! Everyone is seeking personal Growth! Personal growth also requires that we take good care of our mind, our body and soul. Your body provides the means necessary for you to explore the world around you. Returning the favour, you should keep your it as healthy as possible; it’s not only a way to honour your spirit , but also to provide personal growth, learning/knowledge, and happiness.

We are so lucky to live in an age where information is a click away! Spending a few minutes or even hours each day to honour your spirit will pay off in the long run; by implementing small changes in your life, you can achieve enormous improvement over time. Gentle with yourself as you go through these changes. We all grow better over time and nothing happens over night. Love yourself through all your stages of personal growth!
To end your day, find a nighttime ritual that tells your body it’s time to gear down. For me it’s listening to some golden oldies, and just before bed, cleansing my face with green tea using it like an astringent to soothe my skin. My routine is be uniquely my own, but I’m sure you can build one that’s uniquely yours.

~Happy Wednesday!!


©Etta D. Richards


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