Fathers & Daughters


It’s time of year again. Father’s Day! Each year, same as I do for Mother’s Day, I do a tribute to my special fathers, this year I’m doing it here with a brief introduction.


I’ve had the privilege of having two fathers, well if I count my great grandfather I’d say I had three. My great-grandfather taught me how to swim, sail, and about the constellations. Being a sailor himself he shared his love for the ocean with my brothers and me; teaching us about how important it is to our survival. He also taught us to respect the seas and all manner of life therein. He was a tall man, to a child, I’d say a giant. One of my fondest memories of him was the tattoo of an anchor he bore on his left arm; and the story of how he got it. While laying over in the city’s port, they all had a drunken night on the town. The next morning he woke up in his cabin with an anchor on his arm with he and my great grandmother’s initials etched on the bars of the anchor. Typical sailor eh? But at least it wasn’t a tattoo of a mermaid!

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Become Someone You’ve Never Been




What is it that you’re going to do differently? In order to do something you’ve never done, you have to become someone you’ve never been.

~Les Brown