Terrific Tuesday


“Whatever you are, be a good one.”  ~Abraham Lincoln

Yesterday I accompanied my seventeen year old daughter to checkpoint at the airport; because she was travelling alone, WE were careful to remain within the guidelines for luggage size and weight. However, after placing her bag on the conveyor to pass through security scanner, I watched as a female agent begin to berate her. At that point she began to cry and returned to the gate where I was standing with the agent in tow. As calmly as possible, I asked the agent what the problem was. She then began accosting me, saying that the bag was too large for and too heavy for a carry-on. I tried, and I’m saying tried, because I couldn’t get a word in edge wise, between the barrage of…. the bag was too large, too heavy, it fell on her toe etc.

At that point, I realise this lady was flat out being hostile. My only option was to walk away from her. Now I’m usually the first to admit when I’m wrong,  but during check-in, the suitcase was present to the British Airways agent as a carry-on, she told us once it was within the weight limit and size, which it was, it can either go into the over head compartment, or under the seat.

So we found ourselves back at check-in, this 15 minutes before departure so you could imagine the anxiety for both of us. The BA agent was surprise to see us back, I told her about our experience, then asked her to check the bag through and contact the gate to let them know my daughter was on her way back up. She was surprised at our experience but more than happy to oblige just to avoid further delay. Finally we got back up, the agent that was there previously was no where to be found and none of her colleagues would cooperate in giving me her name. They simply said she was new and they don’t recall her name. I was like, really now!!


I worked in the airline industry for two years. As a ticket agent, then station manager, my work ethics always included good customer service. Yes! Passengers are your customers, anyone you offer a service to are your customers! In dealing with anyone, customers, clients, colleagues, it’s not always what you say. But how you say! I had no problem in that agent doing her job, but I had a problem with was the way she did it.

Before I would’ve gone head to head with that agent, butting horns probably until my flight left just to prove MY point. I would’ve shown her that I was the better fighter; that my claws were just as sharp or shaper than hers. But the only place that would’ve gotten me, was stuck in the airport, penalties for another flight and possibly flagged as a hostile passenger. Sometimes I may sound a bit repetitive, but it’s through our experiences that we grow as a person; and the only person you should be better than, is the person you were yesterday. By walking away I refused to dragged into her battle, whatever situation she was dealing with at the time was not mine to take on. Plus I owed to myself and my daughter  to be the person that could  rise above the situation at hand.

Final note.  My daughter did make her flight, she arrived in The Bahamas safe and sound, with all of her luggage. I will also visit the BA site to give feedback on how awesome the ticket agents were this morning in assisting us.

Everyone is on a journey, it’s our duty to be nice to those we meet along the way, in hopes that some where along our journey the favour is returned. All’s well that ends well!

~Have a Terrific Tuesday


©Etta D Richards


6 comments on “Terrific Tuesday

  1. Pamela says:

    Some people are just rude. It’s unfortunate that this happened to you and your daughter. Good on you for being the bigger person. It comes from a place of strength for someone to refuse to engage in destructive behavior. BA is beautiful. My sister moved there 5 years with her hubby who is born there and now I have a shot the stay in the Caribbeans when I visit.

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  2. Why can’t people just be nice!?!!?!? You set a great example Etta!! 😊 and so glad you daughter arrived safely and is enjoying herself!!!!

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    • EttaD says:

      Being nice for some people is just too complicated I guess, because of people like that, I have to be a great example for my daughters just so they end up like the one we encountered at the airport.

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  3. Miriam says:

    Sorry your daughter had to go through that unnecessary anxiety but good on you for handling it the way you did. And glad she got there safely..

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