Wellness Wednesday


“I don’t care what people call me, labels have the negative value of making smaller boundaries for people.”    ~Michael Graves

Exercising your liberties by setting boundaries for yourself proves emotional intelligence. Most people often fall short in this area because they feel like depending on someone like, an employer, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend they have NO control over what’s happening in their lives. That they can’t control the chaos that might be imposed on them by others.

Finding your own strength will enable you to rise above anyone or thing! Strength often comes off as arrogance, but there’s no arrogance in knowing oneself, there’s no arrogance in walking away from situation(s)n that threatens the boundaries you’ve set for yourself.

I’ve found that many times we are raised a certain way, but through influences that is often diminished in order to fit into the norm. YOU are a unique as your fingerprint! In that uniqueness comes the ability to set standards that will allow you to control the chaos around you.

Establish your boundaries and don’t allow any of the madness or hostility of anyone to cross those lines. Once that’s done, you’ll engage  difficult situations in a new way, while walking away perfectly intact and unfazed by the chaos.

~Happy Wednesday, two more days til the WEEKEND!!

©Etta D Richards


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