Feel Good Friday



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“The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better.”   ~Barbara Pletcher

Happy Friday!!!!  What in the world have you been doing all week? Me? It’s been an eventful week, and certainly felt like it’s been more than four days long so far. Feels like I’ve already spent my 7 days and the weekend hasn’t arrived yet. BUT!! Don’t take that in a bad way, the week didn’t feel long because it was a horrible week, well, with the exception of my airport experience. But other than that it’s been a pretty good week. Two days of sunshine, a little banter at the office and dinner for two the past few days has indeed made my week a brilliantly eventful one.

When you don’t depend on others for happiness, it’s a wonderful thing. It doesn’t mean you don’t need anybody, it simply means you are more aware of what it is you want, with a true appreciation for what life has to offer. And that’s a wonderful thing! To know who you are, what you want is blissful!

Believe me when I say, you were NOT put here to do what others demand of you, you are here to dream, aspire, and achieve the work you came here to do!

Life’s a journey, not a destination-so until you decide your journey……….






©Etta D Richards


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