Terrific Tuesday


Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.   ~Helen Keller

The Optimist vs. The Pessimist.

Despite my sometime pessimistic attitudes. I consider myself to be an optimist, of course you can’t have a positive attitude all the time and sometimes you’re just forced to face harsh reality; but being an optimistic thinker far out weighs that of being a pessimistic thinker, as the saying goes ” we don’t see the world as it really is, we see it as we are!” Meaning, whenever you or I describe our view of the world, whether we’re being a pessimist or an optimist, we’re NOT describing true reality, we’re describing the world as we see it. What’s interesting is, it gives way to the importance of being an “up person, in a down world.” When the world is crushing down around me, we have the choice of seeing misfortune or opportunity.

But who is right and who is wrong, if we see the world as we are. Who is more realistic in their being? In creating their own reality, could it be that both the pessimist and optimist are correct? My personally, I prefer to take the easy way out, I prefer to be that “up person, in a down world.” I prefer to see the opportunities rather than the misfortune. Being an optimist I’m constantly seeking to learn, grow and achieve what I want.

Always embracing the world in a positive light is more often than not extremely challenging. Try to remember these points while fighting the battle to remain as optimistic as possible and maintaining a positive mindset.

1. Look for Chances to Learn

Opportunities to learn are everywhere if you  know where to look for them. For example, every failure presents an opportunity to learn and so does every negative circumstance which comes
into your life.

Learning from these circumstances will keep you  from repeating the same mistakes over and over  and will help you to achieve the second  principle of becoming a diehard optimist.

2. Look for Chances to Grow

Growth is not an option in life, it’s a  certainty. The only question is whether or not  you’re growing into someone with a strong   character or someone whose life is governed by
fear and uncertainty.
The world around you is constantly moving forward, and you must continue to grow and  adapt with it.

If you look at everything as an opportunity to  learn, you can take what you learn and put it  into practice in order to make yourself a  better person.

The other option is to learn nothing or to take  a pessimistic view and allow yourself to grow   into someone who is fearful and timid.

This speaks of the importance of growth and  development of character, which is only   possible if you treat everything as a learning  experience and opportunity for growth.

3. Look for Chances to Achieve

In addition to learning and growing, achievement  is one of the most rewarding things which you  can experience in life.

As long as you are focused on treating things as    opportunities to learn and grow, achievement  will always come as a natural result. As this  happens, your learning and growth will continue    and you will achieve much and inspire others.

© Etta D. Richards


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