Thankful Thursday


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” If your goals don’t excite you and scare you at the same time, they’re not big enough.” ~ Bob Proctor

Peace, Joy, Love, Prosperity

What’s your purpose in life? What do you dream about? What are your goals and aspirations? If money were no object, what would you be doing right now? Life is an illusion, everything around us are the images our mind has created. Everything on this planet was once a thought, a concept created by someone. The car you drive, the clothing you wear, the bed you sleep in, the house you live in, the food you eat and so on………

What are your thoughts? What is the one thing that stings your mind to create, and do you have the power to create that thing? Yes you do! Money is also an illusion, money has value because we as human beings gave it value. It’s a currency used for trade. Centuries ago in Arabia, shells were used as currency, they were used to purchase goods and even traded for slaves. Whatever we put a value on, becomes valuable. How much are your thoughts worth? Have you put a value on your dreams and goals? Have you put an even higher value on your mind, a value so high that you guard it the way the Bank guards your money??

Napoleon Hill quoted: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve!” What have you conceived? What do you believe?? Do you have what it takes to create within your mind, thoughts of prosperity, good health, peace, joy, love; and the conviction to manifest them into your daily life the way the Write brothers manifested flight?

As a man thinketh so is he……….What are you thinking right now as you’re reading this? It’s no accident that you and I are alive in this moment and at this time. Each soul on this planet has a purpose! That purpose is to conceive, to create and to accomplish whatever our hearts desire to make life wonderful. So often we allow the noise of others and the distractions of life to block our mind with negative thoughts. We allow the EGO to pacify our mind with doubt, fear and laziness. Stop listening and start speaking. Speak life into your dreams and goals, speak words of wisdom and encouragement into your life. Turn off all the outside noise, relinquish the EGO and watch your life become what it was meant to be!

© Etta D. Richards


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