Meaningful Monday-Don’t Work For A Paycheck


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ~ Confucius

It’s Monday, for a lot of you, it means the beginning of the work week. For many of you, it also means going to a job you absolutely hate; well hate may be too strong a word, so I’ll say dislike. Work without interest is imprisonment, even if you’re not super-excited or passionate about your work, you’ve got to at least possess some interest in it. When you impress upon yourself that your work is something you suffer through for hours a day or that you’re working merely to pay your bills or make ends meet, you end up spending your entire life wishing you were living someone else’s life. Someone who has a dream job. Someone who is wealthy or perhaps someone who has a higher paying position than you do.

Think hard about it. It’s your life and your work fills a large percentage of it. The money has nothing to d with it. It’s all about you! Don’t accept the propaganda, especially from people who say, “Don’t let your work define you.” Instead, say to yourself- “I will do the work that defines me.” Your work will then generate fulfillment. Fulfillments brings everything else, wealth, success and contentment.

Don’t just settle for a paycheck, expressing interest in your work will put quality in your output and happiness in your mind. Know your worth, hit the beat, look around until you find work that interests you. If you find yourself in a bind and must work, don’t get comfortable where you are unless it’s something that really interest you. You owe it to yourself!

~Have a Meaningful Monday!

©Etta D. Richards


3 comments on “Meaningful Monday-Don’t Work For A Paycheck

  1. Mike says:

    good quote from Confucius there.

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  2. Couldn’t have said it any better. Happy Monday!

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