🎶🎈🍹🎶Blog Party 🎶💃🍸Meet & Greet 🎶🎊


Goodbye, July……..HELLO August!   Welcome to the  Party,  plenty of Music, Food, and drinks for everyone, just scroll to the bottom of the page-Party Favors at the top 😉   While I appreciate the ‘Likes,’  please don’t forget to leave your link to let everyone know where to find you.


“Mix and Mingles,” “Meet & Greet,” “Blog Parties” are a lot like Awards, they’re a fun way to get the word out about your blog, about fellow bloggers and a great networking tool.

**Don’t want to throw a party? No problem! Host a simple meet and greet by creating a blog and asking people to leave their links to their blogs or social media page in the comment section.

Rules of the PaRtY!

1. Don’t be shy, mix, mingle, share ideas with fellow bloggers.
2. Tag a blog, share someone else’s blog.

You can also…..

3. Leave your own blog link or social media link in the comment section below, * along with a brief introduction to your site (this is optional).
4. Be kind– one link per comment, but the forum is always open, so you can return as often as you’d like.
5. Keep the fun going -Invite your friends. The more the merrier. The more people who know, the more potential new followers you’ll have.
6. Share, share, share!! Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Bloglovin…..or which every social site you’re using, spread the word.
7. Most of ALL! Have fun, it’s a great way to find new bloggers and help them find you.




16 thoughts on “🎶🎈🍹🎶Blog Party 🎶💃🍸Meet & Greet 🎶🎊

    1. Hi Laura welcome, and thanks for dropping in 🙂 …….Your link doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe try positing again. Happy Blogging 🙂


  1. I really enjoy this blog. The pieces of fiction/poetry etc are different than many places. They come from multiple writers and are interesting, often very strong with violence or sexuality. But the writing is amazing and so good. If you’re into writing and poetry and love stuff thatT is mire avante-guard this is the place to go:

    I highly recommend 🙂

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