Meaningful Monday-Managing Change

“The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.”                          ~Charles Kettering

It’s back to school and all the supermarkets are pushing their wares. They’ve rearranged all their everyday items leaving me wandering aimlessly through the store trying to find Pasta, Beans and my favourite sauces. As if life was complicated enough!

Change is nothing new to me, in fact, I welcome change, have blogged about the many changes in my life over the past few years. But I’m only human and the truth is, though the human brain has always been a manager of change through exploration, change is not always welcomed. But I know if we allow ourselves, we can adapt to any changes in our life without chaos because our exploratory brain can switch off that chaos and confusion, replacing it with order every time. At work. At home. In society. Even in the supermarket.

It’s easy to take control of the situation during those periods when chaos replaces the old order of our daily lives. When we lose hope, we lose our way. We start making bad, and irrational decisions. We become so frustrated and obsessed with our predicament and so paralysed by our fear of uncertainty, we forget to activate our brain’s secret weapon-Exploration.

Remember change is good. Change is manageable. Change is a part of life.
~Have a Meaningful Monday.
©Etta D. Richards

2 comments on “Meaningful Monday-Managing Change

  1. Change is good, thank you for the post. Have a blessed week.

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