Wellness Wednesday-Evolution





Things are forever evolving, the present becomes the past, the future, the present. We are the facilitators of our own evolution because evolution is necessary!”
~Etta D. Richards

the process by which different kinds of living organism are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth.

the gradual development of something.

When you see or hear the word evolution, the first thought that comes to mind is the six million or so year process by which humans went from walking on all fours to walking upright. Evolution is rarely thought of as the concept you and me being able to find real fulfilment inside us. A fulfilment that makes you feel all it was all worth it. All the disappointments, the heartbreaks, was a bridge to something that we thought was beyond our reach as we gradually develop into something more.

Our point of evolution can be marked from the point when we begin to trust our instincts. When our vision goes beyond tunnel view and we accept that our thoughts and actions can have a potential impact on our future. Understanding that when the pain in our lives outweighs the pleasure, it leads to evolution because something has to shift. The key is to recognise that sometimes the choices we make can have a positive or negative affect on the people around us and knowing that as we evolve we become more aware and skilled at thinking before making those decisions.

For me, evolution means all that. It means living in harmony with ourselves.

It’s your turn to sound off. What does evolution mean to you and have any of you recognise it in your own lives ?

~ Happy Wednesday


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  1. This is indeed a special quote and truly thought provoking words.

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