Terrific Tuesday-Life’s A Journey


” The most important thing to remember is, life’s a journey, not a destination. So live life to the fullest and find the right people to take along for the ride.”   ~ Etta D. Richards


Walking through town the other day and seeing the buses doing their rounds, with people getting on and getting off as certain stops reminded me about life and friendship.  Life is like a bus ride, throughout your life, you will have people, friends, acquaintances, coming in and out of your life just like those people on the bus.

Now once those persons can pay their fare or are not disorderly in anyway the driver is obligated to allow them on the bus, and take them where they want to go. When he reaches their destination that person disembarks and goes on his way. Imagine you’re the driver of your friendship bus, you decide whom to let in and out of your life; who to take along for the ride and who to drop off. But before that, you have to set your boundaries; you have to know WHO to let on your bus in the first place because even if they can pay the fare, some people are just not worth taking along for the ride.

You don’t know how long the ride is, life can be short, sometimes you get some good long years in, but you do know that along the way there’s going to be a few bumps, a few twist, turns and maybe even a few accidents. So you’ve got to have the right people on that bus, you want to spend as much time as you can with people you can trust, people who will have your back and people who will pick you up when you fall.


A few suggestions of people you need on your bus even if they can’t pay the fare

  1. Those who are fun to be around. No one likes a party pooper or someone who’s already throwing a pity party-misery loves company.
  1. You know by now that you intellectually grow to be like the few people you spend most of your time with.  Surround yourself with only those who are going to lift you higher.
  1. Those who inspire you to be who you always knew you could be.   Anyone who helps you through kindness, commitment and teamwork, definitely deserves a seat.
  1. Anyone who does not require you to sacrifice your happiness, your relationships, your dreams, or your dignity.
  1. Anyone who doesn’t dictate to you. Be mindful of the chitter chatter of the naysayers. They will always tell you, you can’t do something if they can’t see themselves doing it.
  1. Someone who’s always busy. You want people who are there for you, just as much as you were there for them.

Once you’ve loaded up your bus with all these wonderful people, sit back and enjoy the right because life will reward you with more of the same. Then you’ll find yourself going place you’ve only dreamed of going.


~Happy Tuesday

©Etta D. Richards




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