Thankful Thursday-Your True Desires


“It doesn’t matter what your dream is, as long as it’s your true desire it’s worth going after”   Yvette N. Treco

If you truly realised your dream, would you still want it?
Many times you think you want something because you see the neighbour across the street has it , a new car, a swimming pool; or you think having these things will make you feel more important or attract certain people in your life. It’s ironic that seeing someone else having something, gives you the impulse that you gatta have it,  even though you may not have the benefits of having it because what the neighbours have may fit their lifestyle. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it fits your lifestyle or matches who you are as an individual, or may not align with your purpose or potential. Getting what they, your neighbours, have could cause you more pain than worth.

I had a lot of dreams and aspirations, somehow many of them just never worked out. For instance, I was dead set on buying a home. It was top on my list once I secured a contract with a viable organisation. I got to the point of sitting with a bank advisor, went over the figures and was only a matter signing off on a mortgage. Every time I looked into the possibility of purchasing a home something stopped me. It was so frustrating because it was like cinder blocks were being tossed in front of me, blocking that one thing. What does this have to do with wanting what the neighbours have? Well, it wasn’t a neighbour who had it, but many people around me invested in homes as soon as they were set in their careers.


Thinking back on it now, purchasing a home at the time didn’t match me as an individual or aligned with my purpose or potential, that dream just didn’t fit my life-but I wanted it anyway. While it may have boosted my ego and given me instant gratification. If I had bought a home when I wanted to, it would’ve become a stressful investment and a hassle to get rid a few years later when my family and I relocated to Scotland.   Soul-searching taught me to be more creative in my thinking, which led to my having more gratitude for what I already possessed; seeking wisdom in pursuing what I wanted and making more decisions based on what I wanted and not what someone else had. It gave me more clarity on how certain things impacted my life without compromising my personal needs or those of my family.

Gratitude and Soul-searching are the things out there that inspire us, cultivate our personal growth and development, and challenge us to be more, do more while encouraging us to focus on what is truly right for us.

~Happy Thursday


©Etta D. Richards


One comment on “Thankful Thursday-Your True Desires

  1. What a thoughful post. I guess we are all in a rush to meet others expectations of us.

    Would love to have your thoughts on this. It’s fun and light-hearted. :

    Liked by 1 person

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