Wonderful Wednesday-Breaking The Terror Barrier


“The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. ”
~Randy Pausch

One of the biggest impediments to starting a new venture is The “terror barrier,” as popularised by world renowned entrepreneur Bob Proctor who describes it as an imaginary barrier that always seems to pop up at the critical points in our lives where we have an opportunity to step out ahead of peers or competitors, but fear stops us short.

Everyone has a comfort zone, or level of risk, where they feel in control. The problem is that if you stay in that comfort zone too long, you don’t learn and achieve new objectives because all growth takes place outside your comfort zone, and the edge of that zone is called the terror barrier.

To overcome the terror barrier you must first have a passion for the new dream, willingness to take a risk, and determination to remain consistent in your pursuit of those goals.

Want to improve some areas in your life?

Do you want personal growth and development?

Instead of retreating and stopping in front of the terror barrier—go through it. It’s the only way you can change, expand, and grow. You can consider the following strategies to overcome the terror barrier you will face so you can push through to your ultimate objectives.

1. Set goals that you are emotional about.
If your goals don’t excite and scare you, they’re not big enough -Bob Proctor
Logical goals never make anyone’s heart race because people don’t get excited about the goal, they’re not willing to push through the extra mile to reach it. Most people are  perfectionist in their goals by wanting every perfect before they start, but thinking about your goals, you’ll hit that terror barrier and put those goals on the back burner.


2. Take notice of how the terror barrier appears in your life.
When you are doing something new, what derails you? Is it fear? Worry? or my nemesis-Procrastinate? Do you worry? Whatever gets you off track is simply an internal mechanism to keep you in your comfort zone. Keep in mind the world is constantly changing. If you’re not moving forward, you’ll be left behind.


3. Celebrate when you hit the terror barrier.
Hitting the terror barrier simply means you are growing. Yayyy!! Be happy that you are broadening your comfort zone and moving toward your goal. You have to live through some discomfort before you can get to the other side.


4. Repetition.
Again think of grade school. Remember repetition is the key to changing your habits and reaching your goal. The choice is yours. When you’re willing to work towards them and take daily action, despite any setbacks, you can’t help put move forward and accomplish your goal sooner.

If you’d like to experience a lasting transformation, but feeling nervous about learning something new, remember that any time you try something new, you will feel uncomfortable until that new thing, becomes familiar.

~Happy Wednesday  🙂


©Etta D. Richards


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