“Make the most of yourself….for that is all there is of you.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’ve trained myself to become a night owl, burning the midnight oil and a morning person who wakes up early jumping out of bed with passion. But even if you’re someone who smashes your alarm clock the moment your alarm goes off, you can re-train yourself to be an early bird. But how can you wake up early when all you want to do is sleep and be yourself?

This isn’t just about getting up early, it’s about not being a grizzly bear when you roll out of bed. It’s about becoming your best self and making the day count.

Imagine every morning as the start of a new adventure. I know, traffic is hell and you don’t want to go out of your house.  Traffic may be hell but think of going to work as going on a part of that adventure. Sure you may not have the best co-workers or boss, but there must be something at work you enjoy doing, find that thing and master it. If your company or organisation offers free training or workshops, sign up for them. If you’re an entrepreneur then you should have no issues with rising early, the adventure would be using those few extra hours to put into your business to think of new ways to make it better. If you’re unemployed, then you’re on an open adventure to find a job that’s right for you. So let those fingers do the walking.

I look at each day as an adventure, it helps me to think outside of the box. Finding things to do around the house is an adventure, taking Mitzy to the park is an adventure for both of us. For me Me! It gives me inspiration. Her! She just loves chasing the squirrels and rabbits. Happy people tend to enjoy their mornings for the mere fact that it gives them that extra time to not only prepare for their day but also gives more time in the day to do things that need to get done. They thrive on waking up early and look forward to a whole day of possibilities.

Yesterday may have been a complete failure for you, but today could  better one, people who aren’t ruined by one bad day are resilient and resiliency is a sure sign of having purpose and happiness.

Now are you a morning person or are you a Grizzly bear? I love Grizzly bears, but I don’t want to be one.

~Happy Monday!

©Etta D. Richards 2016

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