“Explore everything around you, penetrate to the furthest limits of human knowledge, and always you will come up with something inexplicable in the end. It is called life.” Albert Schweitzer

The age-old questions have always been, what is the meaning of life? Why am I here?

In the greatest sense, I guess we can say that the meaning of life can be in totality what each person has learned throughout their own life. Who knows? Maybe those who came before us, our grandparents, great grandparents and so on…. learned the meaning, if hey did, they no blueprint behind.

The meaning of life should not be dictated by Religion or Politics, it should not be pressed upon us by society. If each person has their own experiences, then the meaning of life can not be collective, it has to be individual because each of can take in a different lesson from one experience. It’s likened to handing two people a camera and asking them to take a photo of a single object. Yes, you’ll have two separate photographs. But each would be taken from the angle of the photographer.

Each person’s perspective detects orderliness and meaning, the product of their mind. The difference between the two resides solely in the perspective, not the thing itself. To find oneself in an age where things can change in a fraction of a second, where everything should be questioned doubt is not necessarily such a bad thing. There is a deep respect for anyone undertaking the quest for truth but you have to ask yourself– what is the truth? Who is dictating the meaning of my life? You must have a reverent “Desire for wisdom!”

I don’t see myself as the best judge of what life is. I have questions just and everyone else. But time exists for all us to do with it as we please. Take long walks on a crisp Autumn morning, roll downhill on the summer grass. Find the meaning of what our life should be, in finding that, we can’t help but find ourselves.

~Happy Monday!


©Etta D. Richards