Overcoming Adversity

With the devastation Matthew left in the Caribbean, Haiti, Cuba and The Bahamas and now pounding the Southern United States thought it fitting to reblog this.

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Hurricane’s are devastating, I grew up in the Hurricane Belt so saw first hand their destruction. It doesn’t matter how many hurricanes you’ve experienced in your life time, each one is different, each one brings it own devastation. Adversity is like a hurricane; destroying anything in it’s path that’s isn’t indestructible. A few weeks ago the southern islands of The Bahamas were hit hard by Hurricane Joaquin, homes were destroyed, roads were partially washed away, schools, airports, and administrative buildings were either severely damaged or destroyed completely. It made me proud to see my fellow Bahamians jump to the call duty and lend assistance the victims of that terrible storm, lending support and soliciting aid to those hardest hit.

“It is through adversity that we are able to see what we’re truly made of. It reveals the truth about who we are, and what we’re made of.”

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Feel Good Friday-With Crises Comes Change


“Complacency is a state of mind that exists only in retrospective: it has to be shattered before being ascertained.” ~ Vladimir Nabokov

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