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You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.”   ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

In the wake of hurricane Matthew the outpouring of generosity has been immeasurable.  The Bahamians everywhere jumped into action with a coherent, productive display of  comradery  for their fellow Bahamians. Pooling all their resources to assist those we were hit hard by the storm, some of which lost everything.


Generosity runs continuously and  begins at the heart of the  soul. It’s the energy and awareness of living So you can afford to be generous in spirit, there is no greater gift you can give. This couldn’t be more evident than over the past few weeks when Bahamians everywhere, jumped into action with a coherent, productive display of comradery for their fellow Bahamians. Pooling their resources to assist those who were hardest hit by the storm, some of which lost everything, strangers became friends, friendships were tested and faith held everyone together.


Having a generous spirit of giving becomes as easy and natural as breathing when you feel sympathetic towards others because with generosity comes sympathy. It’s this sincerity for another that prompts people to give because it also changes their mindset from not having enough to one of  abundance and trust that they will always have enough. Most often we associate giving with an overflow of wealth. But generosity doesn’t always have to have  monetary value. Generosity can be displayed by offering your service, time, efforts or sharing whatever you possess with those who are less fortunate.


Acts of generosity make our world a better place for all;  improving the life of the receiver and the giver. Yet, despite the benefits, generosity is still too rare and should not be reserved for times of hardship of disasters.

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Some of what the storm left behind!

~Happy Tuesday


©Etta D. Richards