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The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.               ~Carl Rogers

There always seem to be some invisible force at work in our lives, guiding us along  our way, keeping tabs on everything we do, our victories and failures. Life is indeed stranger than fiction. For us? Once our failure out number our victories, we evolve into this humble, vulnerable creature and try to distract our failures with work, sex, drugs, alcohol, sports-with some even taking it to the extreme. A friend of mine took up motorcycle racing when his marriage failed. We do anything to numb that pain of failure, because unlike victory, it leaves a bitter taste in our mouths.

If we survive all the risk taking, the exhaustion of overworking ourselves the soul gets weary and we move on to something more meaningful. We pick up the pieces and move on with our lives……Business as usual! Our main intention at this point is to feel better, to feel that high of victory. Whether it’s victory in love, work or living a more enriched life. This is when the spirit wins! It wins because as we evolve the ego loses ground and the spirit grows stronger, it hungers for something more than a passing thrill. It hungers for something more permanent and meaningful. This is when you begin to truly live and not just exist.  That is when we can devour the sweet taste of victory, instead of the bitter taste failure.

Looking back at how impatient I was during certain dips in my life, looking at poems and short stories I wrote back then and my attitude towards life. I can see how much I’ve evolved and continue to evolve into someone guided less by my ego and more in spirit.


~Happy Wednesday

©Etta D. Richards

7 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday-The Sweet Taste Of Victory

  1. Poignant post and reminds me of the mantra…Balance….life needs balance….good things to offset the bad things or chores. For every negative thought extol a positive one.

    Good post my friend….and thought provoking!

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      1. My pleasure 😊 Balance is something I’ve been told to introduce into my schedule too. Mine was tipped in the wrong direction for quite some time. It’s what drew me into your post…so…thank you 🙃

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