Be Yourself.


The Biggest Rejection is the one that comes from within. Take control of who you are, stay the same let nothing change you.

Sometimes I wonder why it is so hard to be myself. maybe because I got rejected way more  times than I can count?

but with every single rejection I grow stronger than before.

with every rejection, I’d learn to be a better version of myself, I learn to stick to who I am and search for what I love. with every rejection I find it in me to push further and do better. not to prove anyone wrong. but to prove to Myself, that I am worth it. that I am so much stronger than I think. that I can live the life that I want. that I can be somewhat of a difference in this world.

mark my words, self. when I say I won’t stop…

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One comment on “Be Yourself.

  1. Brenda says:

    I just started following Rayne’s blog. This is a fantastic post! 🙂

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