Meaningful Monday-Perfect Moments


“If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.”
― Leo Tolstoy

Yesterday was a perfect end to a perfect weekend! Well, the weekend wasn’t exactly perfect, we had a clear blue sky but it was freezing; there was also patches of rain during the afternoon. Then on Saturday we decided to change our routine and try a new restaurant and was somewhat disappointed in the meal. The food was tasty, but the portions and presentation left much to be desired. My perfect weekend would be spent on the beach feeling the warm sand under my feet, feasting on some Bahamian delight.  But ask Mitzy if she had a perfect weekend, she’d probably say yes because instead of a walk in the park we went Salmon watching at “Pots of Gartness.” No doubt that her perfect weekend involves discovering new places, chasing squirrels and rabbits.
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