Emotions and Devotion

Man’s search for Happiness!

absolutely bunkum!

We all are active and conscious beings. It’s our very nature to create Karma every single moment of our waking and dreaming lives. None of us could stay inactive even for a single moment. We all are driven by three modes of nature every single moment. What are we all striving for?

Without a single exception, every conscious being is active for being happy. It might seem that some are trying to get rid of the pain, but that is nothing but an effort to become happier and those who are already happy want greater happiness. Generally happiness is not stable, cycles of happiness follow cycles of unhappiness because illusory potency of God(Maya) makes people deluded in search of happiness in material objects. Even those who understand this roam around in search of happiness which is eternal.

This search for happiness takes some concrete paths: Gyana(Knowledge), Karma and Bhakti Yoga…

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