Meaningful Monday-Our Most Precoius Resource



“Time is what we want most, but… what we use worst. ”  ~William Penn

If you ask anyone what our most precious resource is, they’d probably give a list one of the following:

Clean air
Consistent food supply

No one thinks of time as a precious resource. To some people ‘time’ is not a relevant matter and depending on their beliefs it doesn’t exist at all. Yet everyone wants more of it. With all the modern day technology, no one can provide it, predict it or harness it. As skilled as doctors and scientist have become in working to feverishly prolong life, push the life expectancy of humans higher, create a life that has all the modern conveniences for us live happy healthy lives. They have not mastered time! They cannot bottle it or commercialised it. Whether you believe in it or not, time eludes us all.

To know that our time here is limited, that we only live for a certain period of years, months, days brings with it a renewed sense of awareness, it humbles us. It makes self-love, self-respect and positive focus on your life even more important. It leaves no time to wallow in self-pity and self-doubt, all of which I’ve indulged in more often that I should’ve-but life happens to all of us.

Realising time as a precious resource should also deeply motivate you to lead your life and make the best of it. Live a life that’s less criticising and complaining. Instead, live all day, every day positively and in the presence.

~Happy Monday

©Etta D. Richards


2 comments on “Meaningful Monday-Our Most Precoius Resource

  1. Time is never enough, thus we can’t waste what we’ve got. I agree with you. No time for self-pity etc.

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  2. bursh1 says:

    That’s a reminder for us all to begin to see time as one of our most precious resources, thanks for sharing and I hope others will do the same….

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