Wonderful Wednesday-Letting Go of Past Relationships


“You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships each day. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.”     ~Epicurus


Failed relationships have more importance in our lives than we give them credit for. Life isn’t about giving us what we want, but rather giving us what we need. It doesn’t matter how horrible that relationship was, it was a learning process, you found out something about yourself, about life and about people. All of your future relationships are built on the lessons you learned in your previous ones.

This post isn’t just directed to the ladies, we aren’t the only ones who complain about past relationships, men do too. Remember at some point in your life, the person who has now become public enemy no. 1, was once your NO. 1. The love of your life, the one that swept you off your feet and took your breath away. I’ve been there, I’ve also been that bitter witch that he wished he had never met. But then I realised to hate someone is like holding on to them, renting them space in my life free of charge. Long after they had moved on with their lives, I was still carrying that baggage around and it was wearing me thin. So I decided to raise the rent, ditch the baggage and move on.

It won’t be easy, but nothing in life is. It doesn’t matter how much hurt you’ve experienced in a relationship or after that relationship ends, revenge is not a dish best served cold. It’s a dish that chokes you with bitterness. Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting, it means you have grown. Let go of resentment, learn from the incident, and move on with your life.


~Have a wonderful Wednesday!

©Etta D. Richards










8 comments on “Wonderful Wednesday-Letting Go of Past Relationships

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  2. https://t.co/1LouNZVA9H and this is important too Bob Martin GBS Survivor share if you care ??

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  3. cyranny says:

    I feel lucky I never held any grudge over my past relationships… I’ve been thrown off the ship a couple of times, and once, I had to cease a relationship that was becoming toxic, but I never left in anger. There was a lot of sadness, but I was never truly mad at those men. I just couldn’t forget that I once loved them with all my heart, meaning they weren’t bad people, just not the right person for me at that time…

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  4. geminilvr says:

    Great post! I write a lot about forgiveness and how it heals…letting go of anger and resentment healed me the most

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  5. Thanks Etta. This post was very meaningful for me this week. I had moved on from a past hurt and everyone involved has moved on too! A great feeling.

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