The way you feel about myself is more important than the way you look. Feeling confident and being comfortable in your skin is what makes you beautiful.


I’m attracted to beautiful people. Those people who refuse to lose themselves searching for the acceptance of others  I think are the most beautiful people in the world because there is nothing more beautiful than a person who loves themselves passionately. However, the difficulty for most people is recognising their own beauty, loving themselves and accepting that others will not appreciate them for these strengths.
2 ways to become the person you will love
Appreciate the beauty within you: Being honest with yourself and judging yourself are not both edges of the same sword. Appreciating the beauty in YOU! Respect the beauty of your smile, the love in your heart and the true wisdom of your mind. Inside you, there is a life well worth living and the ability to live that life is instilled in all of us. Find that ability in you
Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you: How many times have you complained about being treated badly by a colleague, boss, significant other or parent. Have you ever stopped to think about the way you’re treating yourself? Some people smell fear, they smell insecurity in others, this is what they feed on. Be confident in yourself, start treating yourself the way you want others to treat you because this will set the standards for others. Confidence builds character, when you’re comfortable in your own skin not everyone will like the new you, but you will have the courage NOT to care!
Loving yourself and becoming the person you are meant to be, takes courage, self- acceptance and the ability to recognise the beauty in you.

~Happy Thursday

©Etta D. Richards

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