The Mind, the world, and Karma are the same thing, perfect mirrors of one another. Their complexity is impossible to fathom. Their infinite connections can never be mapped out, and even if they could be, the next tick of the clock will bring a new, equally infinite set of possibilities.
~ Deepak Chopra

Life is filled with difficult choices, yet we make life changing choices every day. I made a life changing choice this past weekend when I decided to reach out to an old friend despite the fact that it may disrupt personal space in both our lives. Our friendship was just one of these casualties of life I suppose, you know, where days turn into months, months into years and before you know substantial time has passed and you realise you haven’t spoken to that person in what seems like aeons. It was done on the spur of the moment without thought. Was it a bad choice?  I think not. Should we always do what our mind says? Only when it’s necessary!

Our minds sometimes seem to have a life of its own, doesn’t it? We always have thoughts that are not relevant to our lives or just passing flights of fantasies. Should we ignore them? Sometimes we should, but more often than not our mind gives us the desires which our lives are built upon. There is no one way to relate to your mind, you can’t take a single stance on whether to follow it or ignore it all together. An optimist would say bite the bullet, take the chance, what have you got to lose? A pessimist would breathe caution and say be careful, what are the ramifications those thoughts should they be put into action? Pessimism gives the opportunity to miss out on life’s fulfilment, those little pieces that have no huge significance in our lives, yet they bring a little more to your daily existence. The joy of reconnecting with an old friend, falling love with a person, place or thing, accepting what could be and wishing for more……..Eating chocolate! 😉

I am an optimist by nature and believe our creativity gives us freedom, it’s the source of our most precious gift-The mind! Finding flexible ways to relate to the mind helps us make sense of chaos around us. With optimism, we can pick out those pieces that make sense to us, toss out the bowlines and set full sail towards the horizon without fear of the unknown.


~Happy Monday!!


©Etta D. Richards