Having a Setback

Kathleen Ensor

It is hard for me to admit this but this week I fell back into old habits.  I struggled with isolation and control.  I felt that old perfectionism drifting back into my thoughts.  I felt myself splitting into two people, one that is rational and the other that minimizes problems.  In the end, I was majorly stressed out.

The stress came from all aspects of my life.  My role at work started expanding in a good way and I pushed to integrate everything together so I could be the best therapist possible.  As my husband returned to work after an injury the rhythm of the home changed.  And the upcoming holidays add more onto the plate and I found myself seriously struggling to manage it all.

I noticed (with the help of a good friend) that I had not been communicating with my support system.  I had seen my life…

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2 comments on “Having a Setback

  1. Wow! it’s good to hear such honesty and to know we all have our moments. You are not alone xxx

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  2. bursh1 says:

    It’s good to hear that you’re managing and trying to make things work out, that’s the best decision and am sure that everything will be fine someday

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