Acts of Kindness…

Simple Acts of Kindness In Times of Adversity, Gives Me Faith In Humanity.

Lady Guliver Travels

Yesterday I was brought to tears when I received a facebook post from an amazing young woman, my sister-in-law Jennifer Cartwright. Jenny, as we call her, had been busy as a bee (as usual) since Hurricane Matthew’s visit to The Bahamas in October. She shared her idea and plans to provide relief to the people of Andros, a place she once called home. Her love for the place she met the love of her life, my brother Max, compelled her to do something after the devastation back home.

Jenny’s plan was long term and after the dust settled on all of the buzz around the devastation the hurricane left in its path, Jenny’s plan was just coming together. She lives in a town called Johnstown in Ohio, a small country town but with obviously big-hearted people. While the rest of the world, including many in the Bahamas was moving on, they…

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