Harvard University Finds That Having No Friends Could Be As Deadly As Smoking

We all know how bad smoking is, but researchers at Harvard University have found a link between blood clotting protein levels caused by loneliness, and are suggesting that having no friends is probably just as deadly as smoking, making you more susceptible to strokes and/or heart attacks. Being alone and not socializing activates what is…

Source: Harvard University Finds That Having No Friends Could Be As Deadly As Smoking


Life Is Meant To Be Lived


Every life has its ups and downs. Learn to be present to the seasons in your own life. If you are ill remember that you are more than a physical body. Know that what can’t be cured, can often be healed. If you are sad, take charge of your mind and focus on things that make you smile and laugh again. If you feel lonely, tap into your imagination to use your time to serve or learn something new . There are times in life when you will have more questions than answers. Even in the darkness of this time, know that you are not alone. Be still and listen to your heart, which will allow you to access a deep strength and genuine joy for life.

Allow yourself to hear your own still small voice; to believe in your truth; to find a place within of safety and peace, and to understand the depth and truth of your own feelings. Life is meant to be lived~ not endured or existing feeling totally stressed out. You have the power to create a life in which you are respected for who you are  valued, cherished and celebrated!
~Les Brown

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