Look after you even if others don’t x

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Even Bunnies get Cold x Even Bunnies get Cold x

There has been a distinct lack of writing on my part these past couple of weeks, partly due to being a bit distracted, but mainly due to being extremely tired and having a bout of the flu. As someone who has a long term illness I catch colds easily, my immune system can be compromised, my body needs more nutrients than most and at times I lack the energy that most others take for granted. I am fortunate though. I have a loving, educated and supportive network of family and friends who know my illness and its symptoms, and just accept it as a part of me.

But what if you are not so lucky ?

I am a member of a community on line that helps others who suffer from a wide range of different illnesses by interacting on a forum. A common and predominant issue that…

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