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4 comments on “Today’s Inspiration

  1. Klea says:

    I am having a little giggle about this … Lately, I have been buying myself flowers again when I buy the groceries, for no special reason, just because I want to, and I can, and because I like to have beautiful flowers around … because they smell beautiful and make me feel good … Anyway, the past few times I have been posting photos of the flowers on instagram and Facebook and my friends have assumed that my loving husband had brought them for me … In the end, I had to point out that I had infact brought them for myself. I don’t wait for anyone to buy me flowers. It’s like the story about the good china and good lingerie, if you don’t use them now, or wear them now, then when??? … I wear my good lingerie all the time, and we use the good china and glassware all the time, every day is a special occasion! … So go out and buy yourself some flowers 🙂 xxx

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    • EttaD says:

      Klea I’m exactly the same. My grandmother’s death 14 years ago taught me a valuable lesson, she had stuff she had never used, dishes, nightgowns, linen etc, all saved for a special day or occasion that never came for her. I buy flowers every time I go to the food store for the same reasons you do and like you everyone on FB thinks they’re from my hubby, he does buy my flowers on my birthday and anniversary, those are the only occasions I don’t buy for myself just to give him that opportunity. I use my good China every day. We buy each other gifts anytime we come across something the other might need or have been looking for, so Christmas is a bit tricky because all the gifts are bought one time or another throughout the year. xxx

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      • Klea says:

        Sounds like your home is the same as ours … Since I was diagnosed with heart failure every day is a special day and we are always buying each other gifts ‘just because’ … We say ‘I love you’ to every person that is special to us because we know that each day is a gift … BTW Etta, I look forward to your blog and I read each one … Thank you for your positive light xxx

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      • EttaD says:

        Wow! You are a true inspiration. Each day is a gift and should always be treated as such. Thank you so much for taking time out to read my blogs and commenting!

        Continue to be well xxx

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