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“Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.”~ Winston Churchill

I’m not on WordPress and don’t really frequent social media so don’t have a site to share. But one of your post (Simplyetta) popped up in Google search a few months ago, and I’ve been following ever since.

Who doesn’t love Christmas? My father died when I was 10 and my Mom made certain my brother and I got the very best experiences when we were growing up. I think she wanted to compensate for us losing dad. But I also read your blog which said Experience was better than Education. I truly believe that. But now I’ve digress, this is supposed to be my favourite memory of Christmas.
Coming from Florida, I’ve never experienced a wintery Christmas, so one year Mom took us to New York for Christmas and New Year. I remember hearing her arguing with my gramma that Christmas should be spent with family and my Mom telling her that my brother and I were her family. I later found out that Mom had worked two jobs to afford that experience for us. Our Holiday would later be interrupted by news that my gramma had fallen ill and had to be rushed to the hospital, she passed away on New Year’s Eve 1986 of a heart attack. Mom never spoke about not being there, though she did get the silent treatment from my aunts for it and it did seem to bother her at all. But this is not a sad Christmas memory because though we loved gramma very much my favourite memory that Christmas was seeing snow for the first time as it fell outside our bedroom window. That year we woke up to the sound of Christmas music and Mom shouting Merry Christmas as she jumped up and down on the bed next to ours.

Now with my own kids, two little boys, Dylan and Tom I am always filling their lives with wonderful experiences. They’ve heard me spoken so many times of my first trip to New York, seeing the Statue of Liberty, visiting Time Square they enjoy our home even more. I fell in love with the city my first trip and never wanted to leave. So we didn’t! We flew back to Florida from our holiday trip, attended my gramma’s funeral, then we made our escape for New Year. Everyone thought Mom was crazy to pack us up and leave everything behind in Florida. But that was my Mom. Dad always said he married her because she was special and I believe that now. Mom passed away two years ago but she left my brother and me with wonderful experiences and memories.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story, Etta. I enjoy reading your blogs and look forward to your daily quotes of inspiration.

*This post was submitted my Holiday Guest Blogger Christina Sol


©Christina Sol
The South Floridian New Yorker!

~Happy Monday

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