Daily Gratitude Post



There are so many things to be grateful for, Family, Career, Friends, Seasons and life in general.


As a promise to Deb over at Once Upon A Hot Flash I am sharing something  I’m grateful for this holiday season-My favourite Chrismas decoration/ornament.



My Beach Santa. I’ve had him for over 20 years, after Christmas, he goes back into storage.




My snowmen. Have also had them for a number of years.





And finally this little lady. She’s also 21 years old, I got her from a very dear friend of mine and like all of my favourite Christmas decorations, I’ve taken her everywhere.

I have tons of decorations and ornaments I’ve collected over the years, some I’ve had to leave behind, but the ones I couldn’t part with I brought with me in the move.

Do you have a favourite Ornament of Decoration that you pull out each Christmas? Share in the comment section or in a post, with a link to Deb’s or my blog so we can all hop over to see your favourite thing(s).





©Etta D. Richards


6 comments on “Daily Gratitude Post

  1. Deb says:

    Oh Etta thanks for sharing! I love your Beach Santa!! I love the shell he’s holding and all the shells in the glass container. I also love your Little Lady…she’s fabulous!! Thank you so much for linking it up to me too!! I’m glad you were able to take these precious memories with you in your move, what smiles they must bring to your face. Have a wonderful Christmas season and enjoy all the decorations, songs, stories and celebrations along the way!! xo

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  2. Awesome, Etta! I love the meaning behind your Christmas decorations, seems like a lot of love.
    I grew up Jewish so didn’t have a Christmas tree. I’m now living in a place where we have one! I’m looking forward to decorating during our tree trimming this Thursday 🙂 Many blessings & happy holidays.

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    • EttaD says:

      I grew up loving Christmas, in our family it was a big thing because it was the only time of year that the entire family gathered under one roof. We don’t all get to make it home for Christmas, but it’s still my favorite time of the year!

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