Waiting For Santa….


This morning, I know it is a very special day as I wake up.

Jumping out of bed, I run in my one piece pajamas, to wake my little brother up. It is early, although time is still a pretty blurry concept to me. The only thing that matters, is that it is finally Christmas, and today is going to be all about fun!

Mom has left two bowls of cereals on the kitchen table. I’m a big girl now, I am allowed to get the milk from the fridge, and I pour some for Little Bro and I. I know Mom probably just wants to sleep an extra hour, but, I like the fact that she trusts me to supervise our breakfast.

Next stop is the living room, to turn the tv on, and watch Christmas cartoons, cuddling in our favorite blankets. The Christmas tree is sparkling in a corner of the room. Mom filled it with strings of fairy lights, ornaments and tinsel garlands, and it seems more beautiful every year!

I can’t wait for Mom and Dad to wake up. Today will be all about playing in the fresh snow that fell just last night (it was too late to go out yesterday, but Dad promised to take us sledding down the hill today! Yay!), playing games and cooking cookies (Hey, can’t forget Santa’s treat if we want him to come next year, right?)…

And tonight, HE will come. I know He will…. I hope so. I tried to be as nice as I could. I am a pretty good girl. I just hope Little Bro didn’t pull enough hair and say enough bad words to put our house on the “bad kids” list…

Santa… Père Noël, as we call Him.

The day goes by, and the excitement slowly builds up… After a light early supper, Mom goes upstairs to run our bath.

I am starting to have doubts… The sun has set and no sign of Santa. It is almost nighttime. Tomorrow won’t be Christmas anymore…. But Mom says not to worry, and we hop in the tub, hoping the old man is just a little behind in his delivery.

“It is a long trip, visiting all the kids around the world,” Mom says.

It is true. But what if he forgot us?
“HO HO HO!!!”
No way! Santa’s there, while we’re still covered with soap and dripping wet!! I can hear the bells ringing as we rush out of the bath, begging Mom to quickly dry us so we can meet Him.


Dad screams for us to hurry, as the ringing of the bells, fades away. Jumping in our pjs, we run out, almost tumbling down the stairs, and get in the living room too late.

“Look, look! You can see the sleigh’s traces in the snow!” Dad points through the window.

He is right, I can clearly see them, or can I? A little disappointed to have missed Santa by so little, we turn around to see the presents under the tree. Santa’s cookies are almost all gone, and his glass is empty! Little Bro and I are jumping with excitement again, and Mom’s eyes sprinkle like the star topping our tree…

I am in such a frenzy, that I don’t even notice that Dad is out of breath, and cleaning crumbles and milk off his big mustache…

Merry Christmas to all… Hoping you’ve been good enough this year too! 😉

*This blog was submitted by  Holiday Guest Blogger  Cyranny over at Cyranny’s Cove


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