Feel Good Friday-Living The Good Life


“There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning.” ~Christopher Morley

We are now on the Eve of New Year’s Eve and I’m still asking where did 2016 go? You have one more day to scribe those so called life changing resolutions that will make your life better than the year before.
The good life is what you were meant to live while you’re spending your time here. In here, I mean this time and space. But in order to do that, you must determine what “the good life” means to you. What it’s going takes to make you feel content and purposeful. Living the good life doesn’t mean ‘NOT’ wanting for anything, it simply mean that you have a clear vision of your goals and purpose in life, it means that you know what’s important to you, it means focusing on those things and not being distracted by anything that’s not conducive to your purpose.


I have a short attention span which means I’m easily distracted but in the long scheme of things, if I’m following something that’s leading me to my goals, those distractions are non-existent because I’m focusing only on those things that are going to get me where I want to. They can be anything, it can be a book, someone showing me a better way to do something. So am I living the good life? Yes, I am!
Living the good life is simpler than you think, there is really no big secret to it. Here are three things to top your list once you’ve decided this is the path you want to go.  Living the good life is going to take more than success, wealth or a list of resolutions you and I both you know you’re not going to keep.

Christmas should not be the only time family comes together, Invest in your family, and they’ll return your investment. Life gets busy but should be too busy that you forget the people who are most important to you.

Your Inner Circle
Take care of the details with your inner circle. Be selective with your friends, do some weeding out re-evaluate how they fit into your life and you in theirs. It’s not about using people, it’s about having a great support system.

Have a passion for everything, not just the job you do but for life itself. Passion alone may not give you everything you want, but it’s needed to fulfil your purpose in life. Each of us was put on this Earth for a specific task and it’s passion that will lead you to do it.
Living the good life doesn’t mean never wanting for anything, it means taking stock of your life, amidst the busyness, remember your true purpose and the reasons you want what want and what the good life truly means to you. Then live the kind of life that will bring the fruits and rewards that you desire.


~Happy Friday

©Etta D. Richards


One comment on “Feel Good Friday-Living The Good Life

  1. shreyovi says:

    I loved how you pulled the real meaning of our existence.

    Liked by 1 person

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