Keep On The Sunnyside Of Life!


To remove fear and worry, impress the subconscious, as frequently as possible, with the deep feeling of faith, gratitude and mental sunshine. To have faith is to know that man has the power to perpetually increase the good, and that he may constantly press on to better things and greater things. To have faith is to be guided by superior mental lucidity, and thereby know how to select what is safe and secure; and he who knows that he is on the safe path, the ascending path, the endless path to better things and greater things, has eliminated fear absolutely. To live constantly in the spirit of gratitude is not only to remove worry, but the cause of worry. To be grateful for the good that is now coming into life is to open the way for the coming of greater good. This is the law; and he who is daily receiving the greater good, has no cause for’ worry; he will even forget that worry ever had a place in his mind. To constantly impress the subconscious with mental sunshine, is to establish the tendency to live on the bright side, the sunny side; and to live on the bright side is to increase your own brightness; your mind will become more brilliant, your thinking will have more lucidity and clearness, your nature will have more sweetness, your personality will be in more perfect harmony with everything, your life will be better, your work will be better — everything will be better; therefore, by living on the bright side, all things will steadily become better and brighter for you.    ~Christain D. Larson


2 comments on “Keep On The Sunnyside Of Life!

  1. We worry about ourselves, our love ones and our country. Worrying is ligitimate. Problems arise when we don’t do anything about those things that we can change. Worrying’s alter ego is… Discovering the solution to the source of your worries. Find that and your worrying stands a chance of subsiding.

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  2. shreyovi says:

    Living on brighter side so that good things can come ,surely with this attitude am going to start 2017 .Thanks for sharing this post.

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