Kudos not Kicks this year!

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I love all the positive steps Etta outlines in her blog post “Be Calm, Create Your Action Plan“! I stopped making resolutions a few years ago since they’re just self defeating! Inevitably we break them and then the cycle of guilt and negative self talk just reinforces the negative tapes that are already playing!

Here’s the main points:

  1. Be Courageous.
  2. Reflect and Evaluate.
  3. Alter Your Mindset.
  4. Replace. Don’t Eliminate.

I switched to writing a retrospective of the past year where I write down all my accomplishments and goals large and small which I met (in spite of certain barriers or obstacles)!
This has the purpose of helping me focus on positive things about myself! It’s so much nicer to receive kudos than kicks!

Once I do my thoughtful retrospective of myself, I use those accomplishments to set some new goals!

Now the new goals don’t seem so daunting…

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