Unthink The Negative Thoughts






“When we un-think a thing, it disappears. We un-think a negative thought, by reversing it with a positive thought. The universe in which we live is a universe of thought.”

~Emmet Fox


5 comments on “Unthink The Negative Thoughts

  1. […] via Unthink The Negative Thoughts — Simply Etta D. […]

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  2. Empowerment lies in our choices. (And realizing that negativity is a universal experience.) I love how this quote shines light on our power. Choice is everything.

    Thanks Etta! Great post. 🙃🙂

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  3. renedith says:

    For me, I have discovered, once I reverse a negative, to a positive thought, then it becomes a matter of choice to go back to negative or to keep pumping up the positive…
    Great post, as always.
    Thank you for shining on us, ren

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  4. geminilvr says:

    this is a great quote – I just have a hard time practicing it at times

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