Mental Stock-Taking


“Most grown up people are full of can’t-be-done’s. They say “I can’t do this” and” I can’t do that, and “I will never be able to do such a thing”. Have a mental stock-taking, & throw out all the can’t-be-done’s you find in yourself. Break those handcuffs with the power of Truth. Just as you are today, you can do some wonderful things for yourself & those you love if you will get rid of the can’t-be-done’s. Find & Use Your Inner Power

~Emmet Fox

In case You’re Lacking The Motivation To Blog

I first started blogging for 7-8 years ago to get away from thoughts that were hurting me after some hurtful experiences in my childhood. I found blogging as a therapy where I could write in order to think about something else which made the thoughts go away. After a while I understood that I could […]

via Discover the reason for why you blog — Roberta Pimentel

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