Keeping Up Appearances- What’s Next For My SimplyEtta Blog


I would like to say a huge thank you to all of my Holiday Guest Bloggers, it was really inspiring to see the diverse ways many of you celebrate the holidays as well as your traditional and non-traditional outlook Christmas. Thanks for giving us all peek into your personal lives.

On another note, I’m always tweaking and making changes to my blog, one change you would have noticed is the frequency of my posts. Instead of doing a daily posting there’s been one posted every other day. Though I have tons of notes and ideas I’d like to share through my blogs, between trying to get my online store up and running, keeping harmony in my personal and professional, time does not permit me to blog as often as I would like to.

I will, however, be continuing my “I will be continuing my “Flipping your weekdays” blog feature, but to maintain acceptable quality and consistent content they’ll be featured on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. This will also give me some time to catch up with everyone on here, which means more sharing through reblogging many of your wonderful posts on here and my social media sites.  I will also be making room for more networking opportunities by featuring partnership links on my blog, more details will be posted soon.

This year my blog will officially be “Awards Free” thank you to everyone who has nominated me in the past, but for reasons mentioned previously, I will no longer open to nominations.

I appreciate you all. Hope you continue to follow and enjoy! keep your eye on this space for more great stories, more motivational posts and lots of inspiration!!


~Happy Thursday!

©Etta D Richards

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9 comments on “Keeping Up Appearances- What’s Next For My SimplyEtta Blog

  1. Many blessings to your blog for 2017, Etta … and all of your heartfelt dreams.

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  2. I am going for less posts too Etta. I am reblogging old posts at the moment then I will be posting less.

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