“Your body holds deep wisdom. Trust in it. Learn from it. Nourish it. Watch your life transform and be healthy.” ~Bella Bleue 

One week into the New Year my daughter and I joined a local fit club. I went in all gung-ho, jumping right in there and giving it my all, the first task was weighing in and measuring up. The kick-off was the fitness test that involved one mile of running, jogging, walking or crawling, whichever your fancy, whatever your conditioning. My mind was telling me “go for it.”  My body was saying-“Don’t do it, you’re not fit enough, you’re going to go have an asthma attack!” Happy to say I ran half a mile, walked half a mile, came in dead last but I completed the task when a few either gave up or took shortcuts through the park. The second half of our routine went into full, what I would call military style exercise, planks, knee jumps, Kangaroo jumps, buddy sit ups. Yes, by the end of the session I was dead on my feet. The club will run for four weeks and we’re three weeks in and I still have to push myself to get dressed and leave the comfort of my home but at the end of those four weeks, I plan to jog the entire mile!

We all know there are no shortcuts in life. Each day is a challenge because life is like a fit club, it will push you to the limit, sometimes you may feel like you’re at your breaking point. This is why it’s so important to recondition your mind, to quickly push aside self-doubt and destructive self- talk. Remember,  you are the only one who’s listening to those voices in your head. Those voices determine the outcome to any goals you’ve set for yourself, they determine your success or your failure!

This year set a goal for yourself, in fact, set several goals and push yourself to achieve them. It doesn’t to have be something like joining a fit club, but your health should be at the top of the list in goal setting.Take longer walks with your dog or find a fitness buddy to hit the gym with. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Learn to swim or buy a bike. Whatever you do, let 2017 be the year you start moving.

~Have a Phenomenal Friday

©Etta D. Richards

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