Meaningful Monday-Some Brutal Facts That Makes Life Beautiful



It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, in all walks of life your resistance to the truth can be brutal and your inability to accept that life is sometimes indifferent to what your wants and beliefs are.

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Never “Put-Up” With Anything


“You should never “put up” with anything. You should never be willing to accept anything less than health, harmony, happiness. These things are your divine right.” ~Emmet Fox

X-Plan: Giving your kids a way out (#xplan)

Have two daughters, this makes so much sense. There was no X plan in our family but whenever the call came, there was a pick up with no questions asked.

Bert Fulks

Friends, as most of you know, I get to spend an hour each week with a group of young people going through addiction recovery.  Yes.  Young people.  I’m talking teenagers who are locked away for at least six months as they learn to overcome their addictions.  I’m always humbled and honored to get this time with these beautiful young souls that have been so incredibly assaulted by a world they have yet to understand.  This also comes with the bittersweet knowledge that these kids still have a fighting chance while several of my friends have already had to bury their own children.

Recently I asked these kids a simple question:  “How many of you have found yourself in situations where things started happening that you weren’t comfortable with, but you stuck around, mainly because you felt like you didn’t have a way out?”

They all raised their hands.

Every single…

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The First Step in Self-Development: Honesty


“Learn to appreciate the true worth of things. Do not admire things just because other people do, or because such an attitude is considered correct. Know what you really like. Know what you really want. Be honest with yourself. It may be that your taste in certain directions, need to be improved, but, if so, set out to improve it honestly and without self-deception. Honesty is the first step in self-development.”  ~Emmet Fox

💐 🎉 🌷Meet & Greet 💐 🎉🌷Spring Shindig


Blogging is to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. It is, in many ways, writing out loud.
~Andrew Sullivan

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