Living In Constant Gratitude


To live constantly in the spirit of gratitude is not only to remove worry but the cause of worry. To be grateful for the good that is now coming into life is to open the way for the coming of greater good. This is the law; and he who is daily receiving the greater good, has no cause for’ worry; he will even forget that worry ever had a place in his mind. To constantly impress the subconscious with mental sunshine, is to establish the tendency to live on the bright side, the sunny side; and to live on the bright side is to increase your own brightness; your mind will become more brilliant, your thinking will have more lucidity and clearness, your nature will have more sweetness, your personality will be in more perfect harmony with everything, your life will be better, your work will be better — everything will be better; therefore, by living on the bright side, all things will steadily become better and brighter for you.

~Christian D. Larson

5 comments on “Living In Constant Gratitude

  1. You are such a blessing. My spiritual path is so much about looking for the good. May love enfold you Etta D!

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  2. I Love Christian’s information. Thanks for sharing. I used to be a worrier and changed it to worship. When I was going to school a motivational speaker said worry is just a prayer for something you don’t want. So i cut worry off at the roots that day and started giving more time and attention to worshiping God. Adding gratitude is like icing on the cake. Thank you Etta.

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