Wonderful Wednesday-Using Your Talents To Build The Life You Want

I believe that God has put gifts, talents and abilities on the inside of every one of us. When you develop that and believe in yourself and believe that you’re a person of influence and a someone of purpose, I believe you can rise up out of any situation ~ Joel Osteen

Every human being on this planet has a purpose, whether you realise it or not; we each have a unique talent and a purpose. Every self-help book, every motivational speaker, every cleric would agree with this, and constantly recite this to us. However, only you can identify your talent and nurture it. Many of us have spent our lives stuck in a job we’re not comfortable in. We either use our talent as a side job, thinking it’s not valuable enough to support us financially, and some people put it on a shelf all together never even utilising it.

Society has programmed us into the paradigm that everyone is the same. Go to school, find a job, buy a home, buy a car………. And life is perfect! What society doesn’t  teach us, it to look within and utilise the talent or talents (because some were lucky enough to possess more than one) we were born with, it doesn’t teach us these are what is going to bring us happiness, peace, and wealthy.  It also doesn’t teach us to the value of a purpose driven life!! Your talent is God’s gift to you, using your talent is your Gift to God and to others.

So what’s so wonderful about today? The fact that you’re reading! Because it means that you were worthy of another day…………So enjoy every minute of it and have a Wonderful Wednesday!

© Etta D. Richards


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