Meaningful Monday-Living In The Now and Having A Positive Outlook

c4760b62d6f2f3c2bf25ca9c530f5007.gif“I’ve imagined the intangible, dreamed the impossible, and here I am!” ~ Etta D. Richards

Whenever I speak face to face with people about positive thinking, I get that, “okayyy!” look. It’s hard to explain to people how I’ve completely turned my life around, just by changing my outlook. I think ‘The Secret’ kinda ruin that a bit, I’m not saying ‘The Secret’ is bad, but it gave people the wrong impression of what the Law of Attraction really is. Without knowing the work it took me to get where I am, people around me automatically assume that my life is easier than theirs. That I’ve never had to climb over mountains, never hit a ditch in the road-not a bump, a DITCH! They don’t know that if I hadn’t stopped mid-way and looked beyond the tunnel I would’ve smashed into the mountain.

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