Meaningful Monday-Living In The Now and Having A Positive Outlook


c4760b62d6f2f3c2bf25ca9c530f5007.gif“I’ve imagined the intangible, dreamed the impossible, and here I am!” ~ Etta D. Richards


Whenever I speak face to face with people about positive thinking, I get that, “okayyy!” look. It’s hard to explain to people how I’ve completely turned my life around, just by changing my outlook. I think ‘The Secret’ kinda ruin that a bit, I’m not saying ‘The Secret’ is bad, but it gave people the wrong impression of what the Law of Attraction really is. Without knowing the work it took me to get where I am, people around me automatically assume that my life is easier than theirs. That I’ve never had to climb over mountains, never hit a ditch in the road-not a bump, a DITCH! They don’t know that if I hadn’t stopped mid-way and looked beyond the tunnel I would’ve smashed into the mountain.


Positive Thinking Isn’t About Establishing Unrealistic Expectations!


You see, a lot of people often confuse positive thinking or the Law of Attraction with fantasising. They think day dreaming they achieve those goals they’ve set forth for themselves, and lead to unlimited happiness in the future. They romanticise the future without enjoying the present. This has become such a cliché, but living in the now, living in this moment without fear or thought of the next hour, the next day or the next month! Is what will bring happiness. Hard work and perseverance will make your dreams a reality. It all begins with changing you!




This is easier said than done, trust me on that. But once it becomes a part of your life it gets easier, I promise. Living in the moment means when you’re sitting on that bench in the park, be on that bench, not in the office or at home worrying about the bill collector. When you’re driving in your car, be in that car not lost in the commentary in your head. When you’re engaged in conversation with someone, listen to them, focus on the conversation and dismiss the narrative upstairs. When you choose to live in the NOW you really don’t have to force happiness, because when you can be here now, whatever you might be doing, you will be naturally happy! The more you remember to be here now, the happier you will become, and the more glorious and blissful life will be for you.


You may say it’s too difficult where I am right now…….What happens if my NOW is somewhere I don’t want to be? What if it’s full of pain and sadness? If you’re in a place where you don’t want to be……Embrace it, own it! Then move on. Be like a child on the playground, he/she may fall off that swing, get a skinned knee; but they jump right back on as if it never happen. The pain is there, but they’ve accepted it, owned it and moved on by enjoying that moment on the playground.


Have a Terrific Tuesday everyone!!!


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