Meaningful Monday-Developing Self-Sufficiency Pt. 1


The consuming desire of most human beings is deliberate to plant their whole life in the hands of some other person. I would describe this method of searching for happiness as immature. Development of character consists solely in moving toward self-sufficiency.

~Quentin Crisp

We’ve all had the painful experience of expecting too much from someone and being disappointed when they didn’t deliver. It’s these expectations that leave you deflated and exhausted with loss of self-appreciation because you feel that without the input of others you cannot make any significant decisions. The opinions of others do matter in certain situations but it should not be solely relied upon, there are certain advantages of developing self-sufficiency.

While 75 percent of people are interested in becoming self-sufficient, only 5 percent are ready, willing and able to act on their dream. ~Terry Powell

Self-sufficiency brings with it strength, independence and the ability to look deeper within yourself with a sense of higher self-esteem and more fulfilment in whatever you do. You will no longer find the need for validation from anyone to do what you feel is necessary for achieving your goals, living your life or doing what makes you happy. You will never risk losing the power or motivation you possess to take yourself to the next level of emotional or intellectual independence. Self-sufficiency just feels good.

Why do we feel the need to put the power of making decisions in the hands of others, whether it’s family, friends, significant other? Because you don’t want the headache of making those decisions on your own. But if after reading all this and you’re still finding it hard to take the responsibilities of your own life, listen to your heart. Even if your mind is set to LAZY instead of thinking, the heart will always give you a nudge in the right direction.

Developing Self-Sufficiency Pt 2

~Happy Monday

©Etta D. Richards


5 comments on “Meaningful Monday-Developing Self-Sufficiency Pt. 1

  1. So true Etta D! Our heart will nudge us in the right direction, and authentic self-empowerment is one of the qualities I am nurturing within … I claim it! ❤ Many blessings, and hope your Monday was lovely. ~Debbie

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    Reblogged this on juantetcts and commented:
    WORD! Talk about being ACCOUNTABLE for your own happiness!

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