What Peace Of Mind Brings



Peace of mind is essential for everyone. The greater your peace of mind, the more relaxed and positive you are, the less stress you suffer, the better is your overall health. The more peace of mind you have, the better are your relationships, the more optimistic, friendly and confident you are with everyone in your life. When you feel good about yourself on the inside, you do your work better and take more pride in it. And the greater your overall peace of mind, the more likely you are to earn a good living, save regularly for the future and ultimately achieve financial independence.



4 comments on “What Peace Of Mind Brings

  1. This is beautiful, Etta D. ❤ So grateful for you.
    I'm going to a peace ranch tomorrow … plan to have relaxation and much quieting of the mind. Love, Debbie

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  2. Tamara Kulish says:

    Reblogged this on On Becoming a Lemonade Maker and commented:
    Peace of mind… so essential for good emotional, spiritual and physical health! We cultivate it by choosing the thoughts!

    Don’t try to “chase away” negative thoughts, rather choose positive messages and keep repeating those! Trust is those thoughts, feel good about them, and keep selecting them when things don’t appear to go well in life!

    I used to be a worrier, trying to anticipate everything before it happened and trying to prepare myself for everything! I didn’t have peace of mind! My mind was trying too hard to control every outcome by thinking of every possible outcome.

    Not a good state to live in constantly! I didn’t even realize I was doing it, so second nature it had become!

    Only when I started to practice mindfully choosing my thoughts, and focusing on the positive, was I able to make those changes!

    Since Life is all about constant changes, it requires my ongoing mindfulness to keep choosing the positive and to hold onto my peace of mind!

    When depression or discouragement rears its ugly head in my life, it sometimes takes great effort to return to my peaceful state of mind!

    Please don’t be discouraged if you haven’t achieved this in your mind yet, sometimes all we can manage is a few minutes at a time! With practice those periods of time can be extended and with time you’ll be able to hold onto it for longer and longer periods of time!

    Peace to you!

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