WPC: A greener world 

I love green!! Thanks Miriam for sharing such beautify photos of the greenery down under! ❤

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Just when I thought I’d finished posting about Lamby, along comes this prompt: Green.

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Meaningful Monday-“Adulting” Is Hard Work


“Dreaming of being an adult is easy, being an adult is hard work. Don’t spend your childhood dreaming of being an adult, spend it enjoying the wonders of being a child.    ~Etta D. Richards

When I was a little girl,  my anticipation of becoming an adult was only surpassed by those of Christmas and my next birthday. The idea of NO school, NO curfew, NO seeking permission to stay or up late and being able to eat as much ice cream I want when I wanted was a fantastic dream that made my heart sing. Yes, being an adult was the highlight of my 12-year-old life. Then reality hit, I woke up one day and BAM! Guess what? I was adulting and let me tell you, adulthood is overrated! But wait a minute? What constitutes being an adult? Is it age? Maturity or emotional growth and stability? My childhood perception of being an adult was  totally misguided and filled with unrealistic notions.

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