Phenomenal Friday-Sometimes You Just Have To Insert That Comma!


“Sometimes you need to press pause to let everything sink in.” ~ Sebastian Vettel

Last night I attended my daughter’s high school awards ceremony, I was enthralled by the Head Teacher’s farewell speech both the impending graduates and the school itself as she takes leave of retirement herself in a few months. Her speech hit a cord because she used a common “comma” as the subject of her speech in which she said a comma signifies a pause- “A pause to take a breath before moving.”

Stuff like this always has my mind turning. It got me to thinking. How many commas have I had in life? How many times have I paused before moving on? Our lives are filled with moments where we paused to take a breath before moving forward. We pause while waiting for that perfect moment without realising there is no perfect moment to do anything because now is all we have. We pause in our relationships while waiting for something better instead of making ourselves better. Only love can find love. You have to love yourself completely before you can be loved completely.

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